Grande Séolane
Grande Séolane

Le Sauze

Le Sauze is a 1,400 metre high mountain resort in the Southern Alps, in the heart of the Ubaye Valley.
La montagne en famille

Family-friendly mountain holidays

Do you love nature, the sun and the great outdoors? Come and recharge your batteries in Le Sauze! It's ideally located, in the heart of the Southern Alps, more than 1,400 metres above sea level, perfect for enjoying sunny, refreshing summer days!

It's the ideal destination for holidays, sporting activities and relaxation with exceptional natural scenery and breath-taking landscapes: Le Sauze has everything you need! No need to tire your legs to reach the mountain peaks - the ski lifts will effortlessly ferry you up the 2,400 m mountain!

Fancy trying some other experiences? The entire Ubaye Valley awaits you; it's an exceptional natural landscape and a great place to spend the summer. There's swimming, white water sports, aerial activities, cultural visits etc.In short, there's something for everyone.

A great holiday awaits you!

And no need to take the car once you're there. Free shuttles provide easy access to Le Sauze and other towns in the valley.

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According to your desires


In summer, Le Sauze is a paradise for amateur sportsmen and high-level athletes. The terrain is ideal for all activities, whether you're on foot, bike or in the water!

Perched high-up like a balcony, the resort offers exceptional panoramic views of the Ubaye and Bachelard Valleys. Ibexes and marmots guard the site; if you're lucky, you might encounter one along the hiking trails.

Le Sauze on 2 wheels is a crazy experience! The Bike Park and Enduro trails await you for thrilling downhill rides. Whether you're a seasoned or novice mountain biker, come to Le Sauze and test your technique.

And why not make the most of the opportunity to try out an all-terrain scooter?

Visiting with your family

A holiday in Le Sauze with kids is a guarantee of a great time. There are all kinds of activities with entertainment for both adults and children; every effort is made to ensure you have an unforgettable time!

Hiking is a cool thing to do here! Set off on a treasure hunt to explore the resort and mountains, and enjoy the delights of the countryside with your family. Cycling has also been adapted to suit younger riders; DH and Enduro green trails have been specially designed to allow younger bikers to experience the thrill of MTB at their own pace. And for more riding fun, our specialist instructors are available to provide a safe introduction to cycling.


Sport is great but how about treating yourself to a spa experience, taking a dip in a pool facing the peaks, enjoying a quiet walk through a larch forest, admiring the magnificent landscapes or simply resting quietly on the terrace, in the sun, listening to the whistling of marmots?

Le Sauze can also meet all your relaxation requirements, offering a variety of activities to help you escape from the stress of everyday life and switch off, mountain-style!