• First run

First run

Be the first on the runs

What lies behind the virgin runs waiting for skiers?

Men work to leave nothing to chance. Runs are inspected, milestones are checked, markings are examined and nets are scrutinized. This work is done by a team in the early morning of each winter day. A job but also a privilege: that of being the first on the runs.

Appointment every morning at 8:30 am, before the opening of the ski area, in front of the Régie du domaine skiable.

Reservation 48 hours in advance.

Price: 20 € per person (lift ticket non included) with breakfast at the Cabana Jo (minimum 3 people, maximum 5 people).

Information & Reservation

Domaine Skiable Le Sauze

Tel. +33 (0) 4 92 81 01 57 or directly at the lift ticket office.