Forfaits de ski du Sauze © Ubaye Tourisme
Forfaits de ski du Sauze © Ubaye Tourisme

Ski holiday passes

More skiing = more savings!

Ski holiday passes rates Le Sauze 2023/2024

2 days pass (consecutive days)  
Adult 65€
Junior / Student 54€
Senior 58€
3 days pass (consecutive days)  
Adult 95,50€
Junior / Student 81€
Senior 84€
4 days pass (consecutive days)  
Adult 124,50€
Junior / Student 105€
Senior 109,50€
5 days pass (consecutive days)  
Adult 151€
Junior / Student 126€
Senior 132,50€
6 days pass (consecutive days)  
Adult 176€
Junior / Student 146€
Senior 154,50€
7 days pass (consecutive days)  
Adult 198€
Junior / Student 165€
Senior 174,50€
Extra day from day 8  
Adult 21€
Junior / Student 18€
Senior 19€

Hands-free card mandatory (€2,50) sold with first purchase, reloadable for subsequent purchases.

Adults: 18-68 years, Junior: 5-17 years, Seniors: 69-74 years, Students: 18-25 years (Presentation of valid, post-bac student ID each time you go through the ticket checkpoint); free pass (without insurance) for all children under 5 and senior citizens over 75 years (does not include hands-free card)

To qualify for the free under 5s/over 75s pass as well as the Youth and Senior Citizens' discount, you need to show proof of age at the time of purchase.

When purchasing a pass for more than 6 days, you must provide a passport photo or the person using the pass must be present at the time of purchase (photo taken by webcam).

General sales conditions

Buying my ski holiday pass