Lac et Tour des Sagnes © AD04-Teddy Verneuil
Lac et Tour des Sagnes © AD04-Teddy Verneuil

The Ubaye Serre-Ponçon Valley

Take advantage of your stay in Le Sauze to discover the Ubaye Serre-Ponçon Valley, a true paradise for outdoor activities.

A mountain of activities close to Le Sauze

In Ubaye, all activities are at your fingertips and easily accessible by car or with the free shuttles. Take advantage of your stay to go rafting down the Ubaye River, to conquer the valley's mountain passes, visit fortifications or stroll through the streets of Barcelonnette. You will find absolutely everything you need to enjoy unforgettable experiences, all a stone's throw from Le Sauze !

Activities in Ubaye



Where the Alps meet Provence

The meeting of Alpine and Mediterranean cultures gives the Ubaye Serre-Ponçon Valley a special character, an art de vivre with southern flavours! The Alps and the Mediterranean cuisines combine and give rise to delicious dishes, where Provençal aromas perfume traditional alpine recipes. Meet the producers and artisans of the Ubaye Valley who open their doors to you for a tour or a tasting.

Craftmen and farmers

Fêtes Latino Mexicaines

Barcelonnette, a mountain town with a Mexican flavour

During the 19th century, inhabitants of the Ubaye Valley emigrated to Mexico with the ambition of developing their know-how, especially in the textile industry.
Some of them, having enjoyed great success in their business, had sumptuous villas built upon their return to Ubaye, evidence of their success and their new wealth. These remarkable buildings and tombs constitute one of the cultural pillars of this region. Discover the incredible history of the Ubaye inhabitants in Mexico by visiting the Valley Museum (Musée de la Vallée), or by taking a guided tour of the town.

Discover Barcelonnette