Le Sauze l'esprit famille
Le Sauze l'esprit famille

Family-friendly Le Sauze

A warm welcome and activities suitable for even the youngest children. Everything is designed to ensure your family enjoys an unforgettable holiday.

You're not going to get bored !

In summer, the Tourist Office ensures you a stay rich in experiences. Discoveries, workshops, competitions... every week our team concocts a programme that you will not forget !

Family hikes.

The ski lift pass is free for children under 5 years old. For the older ones, Le Sauze offers the Family Pack so that you can access a maximum of walks, effortlessly at a reduced rate !

Pass and Family Pack

Family discovery activities

Our treasure hunts transform Le Sauze into a vast adventure playground for both adults and children. Charades, puzzles, games etc. Are you up to the challenge and ready to solve all the riddles for a fun family experience?

Treasure Hunts

Randonnée en famille
Piscine en famille
VTT en famille

Sauze Summer Pass

Ideal for enjoying a wide range of activities!